Steel, painted black
10' x 10' x 12'
Edition 1/3
Gift of Carter/Menil Foundation for Peace, 1994
Oslo, Norway

“On Sept. 8, 1962, I made a drawing for a piece which I called The Wedding. This piece was never fabricated because I was paying off a loan I had made in order to do Die. It was to have had the same section as Free Ride  16” square. It went in, up, over, and down. The opening was 6’8” wide, and the same deep. After doing the Elevens, I tried to put several pieces together with the same prisms. The boxes for Marriage were made in the fall of 1964. They were assembled in the spring of 1965, but the piece didn’t work. In the three-quarter view, the opening wasn’t visible, and the whole thing looked pinched. A new box, two feet longer, was made for the top. The substitution was made in the fall of last year.”
-Tony Smith on Marriage

All artworks © Tony Smith Estate/Artists Rights Society (ARS, New York)