FOR, 1969


For, 1969
Plywood mock-ups, painted black
Group of 9 sculptures
Smith backyard, Orange, NJ, 1971

“If you are thinking of them as a group, I don’t think they should be placed too far apart, so that you can feel the space between them. Someone from here said that they looked like cows lying around on a meadow. One thing I do like is to have them on the same axial grid. I don’t mean that they should be lined up, but I don’t like them twisted around like random objects on a floor or table. I like the work to establish itself in that way. I like them to be parallel or perpendicular to any existing architectural scheme. I don’t like to see them in a haphazard arrangement. I always want to straighten them. I don’t think it’s just a compulsive thing. I want them to be seen as elements which are part of the continuing space rather than as self-contained objects.”
-Tony Smith on For pieces

All artworks © Tony Smith Estate/Artists Rights Society (ARS, New York)